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Reminds me the popular show Concentration

Remember the classic TV Show Concentration? It was a very popular show and I was a regular fan of that show. Based on the popular TV show Concentration is a classic memory game. This game reminds me the same show. This simple classic game has 2 parts - the Machine and the puzzling. The rules are very simple. Just match the scrambled pieces behind the number panel. There is your opponent who will also be trying to match the scrambled images. So you have to be quick and intelligent. Each matched combination allows you to enter a new puzzle. You will find some challenging puzzles in this game. Also the graphics is very improved. If you played Puzzle Master then you will also love this simple puzzle game. I bought it for me and my kids. I love to play this game. Also my kids love this game too. Those who like classic category games will love this game like me. It may not be a high profile game but it certainly has some entertaining materials. Get and play this game spending few dollars. Trust me you will love this game.

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