Classic Concentration

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Fun puzzle game

Simple but interesting puzzle game which is based on a TV show and as a good variety in terms of the options of the gameplay, here it is Classic Concentration. The game is basically about solving a rebus which means a puzzle where words are depicted in the form of pictures and letters. The gameplay is that two players will play against each other and both may be real players or one may be run by the computer. The game is played on a board which comprises of about 30 panels. The player who has the turn will have to choose about two panels which have prize underneath them. If both the selected panels reveal the same prize, then the rebus will be revealed. Now the player has the option to either solve the rebus or select two other panels. If the prizes do not match, then the turn will be shifted to the next player and so on. The rebus that have been designed in the game are quire logical and well thought out. The graphics in the game are good enough and so is the user interface. It is overall a good educational and fun game.

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