Crazy Machines: The Wacky Contraptions Game

Puzzle 2005 Windows Viva Media 3D Casual

Crazy is cool

The Crazy Machines series is one which is very similar to the likes of the hugely popular Incredible Machine franchise, which packed a huge amount of entertainment into its physics-based puzzling set of titles. This pack actually contains two games, both of which are translated versions of the two original German titles and although it's not quite as good as its inspiration, it remains a fun experience. There are over 200 levels to play through here, each of which is a self-contained puzzle which is going to need some serious head scratching to solve. The puzzles are all hugely varied and generally open-ended, with a number of possible solutions to each one, but you're going to have to make use of a wide range of bits and pieces, from circuits, to fans and everything in between if you want to solve them. Everything is fairly realistic in its behaviour so a logical brain is helpful here while there's also a mode which allows you to create your own puzzles and then try them out on your friends. For the most part, this is a worthy little game that is certainly very entertaining if you want to exercise your brain a bit. The puzzles are quite different and are reasonably challenging but very satisfying to solve. However, if you play this regularly enough, you're going to complete everything in a pretty short space of time, so the lifespan is a tad limited. It's helped by the creation mode and there's much fun to be had there, but there are also a few annoyances in the sound and presentation, although these are minor so overall this is nice if short-lived romp.

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