Crazy Machines 2

Puzzle 2007 Windows Viva Media Brainteaser Design Tool Math or logic Strategy Casual

Physics is fun!

Heavily influenced by the popular series of physics-based puzzlers, The Incredible Machine, this is a very similar offering that should prove of interest if you've played those other games and are wanting more. If you haven't tried them though, you'd be better off starting there and then moving on to this one as this isn't quite so polished. The main focus of the game is a series of 150 experiments which take you on a journey around the world. It's divided into fifteen levels with ten stages each, with each level giving you a fun but realistic experiment to complete and which are generally based around all sorts of weird mechanical devices (with the occasional turtle thrown in). The game encourages experimentation and invites you to play around with conveyor belts, cogs, and other such things in order to complete the level's specific challenge. You don't have to complete every challenge in a level in order to progress to the next one, with only seven out of ten being sufficient, so if you do get stuck, there's a good chance you'll be able to continue. Crazy Machines 2 is certainly a fun little addition to the physics-based puzzler genre. There's a hefty amount of levels to play through here and although they start out easily enough, the challenge soon ramps up so even veterans will need to get their thinking hats on. Things aren't so difficult that they're never fun though and there's a genuine sense of satisfaction as you complete levels and the game is very compelling. Throw in some attractive graphics and you have a fun family experience.

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