The Incredible Machine

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Rube Goldberg machine in digital form!

The Incredible Machine is a different type of puzzler, one that asks you to arrange disparate elements in ways that are conducive to solving a puzzle each stage. But while other puzzles rarely allow you to build anything, well, this one is all about building intricate and unbelievably contrived thing of a gig type deals! The hard part, the puzzle bits, come from the generally reduced number of elements that you are give, thus keeping the focus both on tight design as well as on creative thinking. At any rate, after tinkering with a level's design for a bit and managing to make your machine do that which you wanted it to do, the satisfaction it gives you is really worth all the trouble! Graphically the game is a clean, very DOS like thing, so if you're pretentious or want a game that can manage a higher resolution, well, going for later iterations of the game is the way to do it. Thus, The Incredible machine no. 2 and no. 3 are way more detailed graphically and more diverse in the amount of bits they put at your disposal, but that is not to say that The Incredible Machine doesn't hold to its guns; quite on the contrary, it's a revolutionary puzzler and a joy to sink into. Try it out!

Machine of puzzles

Superb, brilliant and incredibly addictive. The Incredible Machine may be old, quite old, but it still endures modern age games. The Incredible Machine (TIM from now on) dates back from 1993, another master piece from Sierra. TIM is, simply put, a puzzle game. You are given a goal and some tools. All you have to do is solve the riddle using those tools the best way you can think of by grabbing and manipulating the given objects. By tools I mean anything: from a fan to ramps, balls and complex mechanical devices. Also, you face some conditions, like gravity and air pressure, which you will have to pay attention in order to avoid problems, or take advantage of them. TIM is living proof of what modern games should look like. There is no need for fancy graphics or complex AI. All you need for fun is a good, original idea. Well, TIM is just that. Now, if you find that TIM is easy enough, no need to worry. There is a second TIM, TIM 3, and The Even More Incredible Machine as well for you to solve, and trust me, downloading this game will be the easy part. The rest is a real challenge to the brain.

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