Dance With Intensity

Arcade 2002 Windows SimWolf Anime Challenges

Dance, dance, baby!

Too bad us Europeans haven't really experienced the Japanese arcade dance revolution, but sure enough, we weren't entirely spared the trend! This game here is a good take on the recipe of Dance Dance Revolution, the game that had managed to capture the attention of an entire generation, while, at the same time, it didn't really take itself too seriously! At any rate, with this game you can play and virtually dance!) on your own MP3s, and the game creates dance moves based on each song that you upload. The number of optimizations you can pump into each track can be quite diverse, but the great thing about it is that you can tweak some general or specific instances of the dance track itself, so it fits more with your taste. Or, if you're unpretentious you can leave it exactly as it is. Graphically this is the same kind of game as Dance Dance, which means that there are a lot of graphical elements that will come your way, all of them pretty interesting and pretty well delivered (and at times a lot of them, in overwhelming numbers!). Anyway, it's not your moves that the game will ultimately judges but your coordination in pressing the right keys at the right time. And so, like a game such as Beatmania, or Guitar Hero, you can be sure that you will really get a cool experience, throughout.

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