Arcade 2002 Windows Vertical shooter Anime

A fast and colorful horizontal shooter

In Medicalat you play as a witch, but instead of being in the business of churning potions or mixing cauldrons chockfull of all sorts of things, what you do is fly about and destroy baddies. Quite why your protagonist is not your regular ship with no face or some other creature is not exposed, but, whatever, Medicalat feels just as great, plays well and is, at times, that classic hell of bullets, where you can barely make it out of, unless you really know how to protect yourself (or are fast and trigger happy!). Just like in R Type, after a certain point you will reach a level where, if you don't get shot down, your entire arsenal of weaponry is so over the top that the game begins to be palatable. But lose all your additional firepower here and you're in for some mean hardships! Yep, this is one of those games that really needs to be taken seriously, as in really concentrated on the task at hand. It jets really hard if you lose your upgrades, so, unless you cheat and use some extra saves (via system savestates) you're gonna have a hard time playing this one! But, other than that, Medicalat is a really well put together game, really playable and all things considered quite a lot of fun. Play it if you like hard but fair shooters, the horizontal style ones. Oh, and G Type is just as fun a horizontal shooter, worth a go as well.

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