Gene Rally

Arcade 2002 Windows Challenges

Miniracing taken to the next level!

Miniracing games can be appealing for their childlike ability to transport you in a time frame where you were racing your hand driven car on a rug, but they can conjure some other great feelings, for lots of other reasons. In this respect Gene Rally is really interesting because it miniaturizes both the vehicles as well as the course, following the outlines of F1 race courses that are very well known. But, these giant kilometer length courses are miniaturized to fit on but one screen and in doing that they create that small world appeal that some just love, me included! Graphically, the entire business is just delightful, with well executed racing tracks (which use just a bit of isometry, not a lot, just to sort of give you the impression that you're racing on a handmade map of the real track!) and cars that behave as you'd want them to. They swoosh and over steering are in just the right amount, making the entire business of playing stand out as you want it to. Great, overall, maybe just as fun as Super Speed.

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