Dead Man's Hand

Action 2004 Windows 1C Company Shooter Historical

Take out your pistol and engage in this Western adventure!

Dead Man's Hand is a 2004 western shooter game. El Tejon, a Wild West gunfighter, was imprisoned, and in there he meets a member of a revolutionary movement (an expert that helps him escape), deciding to regain his freedom and taking revenge upon the gang that betrayed him. You play as the gunslinger mentioned above, and you carry a wide range of weapons like pistols, rifles, shotguns, TNT, bombs, etc. If you prove your precise shooting abilities, you get rewarded. Also, if you kill your enemies without shooting them, in an innovative way, (for example, shooting a rock that drops on them) you also get compensations. During the game, if you remain with little health and ammunition, you can compete in poker. The gameplay was a bit repetitive, but I really enjoyed the music ,sound effects, and the AI, which was pretty convenient, according to my tastes. I have respect for the developers of Dead Man's Hand, that tried and succeeded to bring to life this genre, that was considered a bit dead until they released it. So, if you also thought that the western gaming universe was forgotten and gone, and if you have the Wild West in a special place in your heart, take out your pistol and don't miss the great experience DMH offers!

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