Code of Honor: The French Foreign Legion

Action 2007 Windows City Interactive Shooter Historical War

To arms!

The Code of Honor series actually stretched to three games in total, which is quite surprising given that most gamers will probably never have heard of it. The franchise as a whole is basically a low rent take on the Call of Duty first-person shooter formula and if you are such a hardcore fan of such things that you have to play every game, then this is worth a look. Otherwise, you'll likely find it pretty dull. As the title suggests, you play the role of a soldier in the Foreign Legion and find yourself caught up in a deadly plot as terrorists seek to build a nuclear bomb. Of course, it's your task to prevent this. What follows is a typical narrative-driven first-person shooter, which sees you progress through eight tightly scripted missions. The missions themselves are fairly short but quite varied, seeing you liberating cities, seeking out and destroying planes and protecting key locations, or even taking part on on-rails shooter sections. Everything else is standard shooter stuff, so don't go in expecting anything radically new. However, if you're prepared for a low budget affair, then this is actually quite enjoyable stuff. It's not a long game and isn't going take anyone more than a few hours to complete, while the AI is a bit ropey and the graphics far from spectacular. However, getting past this, there is a strange kind of fun to be had here, with some solid shooting action that is actually quite exciting in that old-school way. It's far from a classic and easily missed, but if you do pick this up, there's some short-lived fun to be had.

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