Carnivores 2

Action 1999 Windows Akella Shooter Historical

Dinosaur hunting season 2

We are back to Jurassic Park and its dinosaur hunting season! This game is a 1999 sequel to Carnivores, a hunting shooter game in which your job is to hunt down dinosaurs to make the planet they live in habitable. In this game, you continue doing just that. The gameplays is basically the same, only on new and different territory. The objective is also the same, to hunt dines and get trophies so you can become a more experienced hunter. There is also some new thing in the game. At the beginning of the game, you get 100 credits and with that credit, you select your hunting area, dinosaur species to kill and weapons you will kill it with. Each area, dino and weapon has its cost in credits. After all of that is done and you're in the hunting zone, killing dinosaurs gets you more credits. Also, there are ways to increase your credits flow, as in tranquilizing the dino instead of just killing it. Already great from before, the graphics are even better, and there is quite an improvement in sound to, with realistic surrounding sounds and dinosaur screams. The thrill is there too and you can get easily drowned into the game, slowing down your breathing when you sneak to the dino and getting pumped up when you have to kill it. All in all, the makers of this game did a good job and made a great sequel which shouldnt be missed by any action lover or hunter wannabe.

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