Death to Spies

Action 2007 Windows 1C Publishing Adventure Tpp Stealth

Quietly does it

This is the first in a pair of pretty decent spy-themed adventures, the second being Moment of Truth, and together they form an interesting and enjoyable set of games which are worthy of investigation. This one lays down most of the rules which were followed in the sequel, and plays out in similar fashion to other stealth-based shooters like the famous Metal Gear Solid games, if not quite up to the same standards. The game's background is very intriguing, and the game is told through a series of flashbacks in the 1950s, with a former spy captain being interrogated about his activities during World War II. These missions revolved around tracking down spies and traitors and are apparently based on real world events that actually took place during the war. Prior to starting a mission, you get to choose your gear, with weapons, grenades, health kits and such things on offer. Then it's on to the mission itself, and these are nicely varied, seeing you explore a wide range of locales, and with objectives including freeing POWs, killing traitors and stealing intelligence documents. You get access to many vehicles which are lying around, including motorbikes and jeeps, and which adds a nice element to the game. This is mostly quite enthralling stuff, if you're into your stealth games. The setting is well implemented, while the missions are challenging but generally compelling, with plenty of opportunities for sneaking around, with the expected tension implemented quite well. Throw in some well detailed and expansive environments and you're left with a thrilling bit of stealth-based action gaming.

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