Indiana Jones And His Desktop Adventures

Adventure 1996 Windows LucasArts Movie style Action based Tales and legends

I hate Nazis.

This is a simple 2D action adventure game based on the legendary movie Indiana Jones made by LucasArts, which is a company that makes games based on legendary movies, and is responsible for various Star Wars and Monkey Island games. The game is similar to that of Pokemon Nitendo version in its looks and gameplay, and is very easy to play. What's great about this game is that there is no single plot - the outcomes are numerous and you can go and explore in any manner you like, which is great since the game gives you immense freedom. There are a bunch of puzzles that you solve to get items and interesting characters which you keep you occupied for long. But not too long, since the game can be finished in little less than two hours. The beauty is that you can play the game many many time because the outcome depends on where you go and what you do. This is a extremely fun little game and perfect for all radiers of all ages. Just as expected from LucasArts.

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