Diablo Hellfire

RPG 1998 Windows Blizzard Fantasy Strategic scope Real time

A Love/Hate Unofficial Expansion To Diablo 1

Diablo Hellfire: Improves the game in a few ways, but only by expanding it with more content and fixing only a couple or few bugs.The new classes like The Monk, Barbarian and Bard, the last two which are only accessible through the modifying of a text file which doesn't even come with the game. Unlocking them however is very easy, just google it and it's as simple as that.There is a couple quests that are unlockable through the same way.Hellfire however, comes with no normal multiplayer, or battle.net due to not being supported by Blizzard Entertainment. Again, you need to unlock this using the text file sadly.Diablo 1 was originally incomplete, but Hellfire kind of fixes it just a bit by adding eight new levels, much more items and more enemies and a couple more bosses, like Uber Diablo.My opinion on Hellfire is that you simply can't go wrong with playing it, however you can't easily import your characters over as all their items are gone, minus their gold, so going from Diablo 1 to Hellfire is somewhat of a gamble.It is worse than the base game itself, but it is still a good game and adds even more atmosphere and feeling to it, making it a worthy addition.In Short. It's Good, But Not Great.

A Mistake

Consider this Diablo – super easy mode. Hellfire was not made by the original developers, so the same level of care that was put into balance was left out. It was actually made by Sierra. Strange, huh? Hellfire introduces a new character class to Diablo's Action-RPG series, the monk, which was totally reinterpreted and redesigned for Diablo III. The entire Diablo franchise just pretends that this expansion pack never happened. Every character in Diablo excels with a different type of weapon, the monk needs no weapon, so he's overpowered throughout. There are also a number of additional screen clearing overpowered spells that any character can learn. If the original game's 16 dungeon levels progressed too quickly for your character to level up and grow strong through, this game adds a few more, and a secondary "end boss" character aside from Diablo, as well as a few more interesting townfolk. What's also interesting is all the material that Blizzard left out from Diablo that could have been used and finished to make Hellfire better, but none of it is used. There are also two hidden character classes, the Barbarian and the Bard, but you'll have to do some simple hacking in order to unlock those. They were left unfinished. In the end, this game looks like a moderately impressive mod for Diablo and not what we've come to expect from any Blizzard or Sierra game, or a game from any professional company. Perhaps this game is the reason why they never ever let any other companies develop for them anymore.

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