Rage of Mages II: Necromancer

RPG 1999 Windows 1C Company Strategic scope Real time Role playing Fantasy Strategy

Average fantasy adventure

Fans of online RPGs and fantasy adventure games like Warcraft will find much to enjoy in Rage of Mages II, and although it lacks the storytelling skills or style of a true classic, it remains worthy of investigation. If you've played the original Rage of Mages, then much of this sequel will be familiar, both in terms of gameplay and its audio and visuals. This time around, the player's quest involves taking on the evil Necromancer's Guild, who are up to their usual nefarious activities, and which will see them travelling through a fairly standard array of environments, from deserts to forests, battling monsters and finding treasure as they go. Rage of Mages II doesn't do anything much different from all the other fantasy RPGs out there with plenty of quests, magic and tactical combat to enjoy. However, while it may not be overly original, the game does provide an excellent variety of missions to take part in, and which can be completed in different ways, something which makes up for the generally linear structure. Visually, the game is pretty unspectacular and lacking in true personality, but there are some unusual creatures to encounter and some nice environments to explore. Music and voice acting are also less than stellar, while the overall difficulty level is fairly low, making this a game for newcomers rather than old hands. Rage of Mages II is certainly far from a priority for most gamers, being average in most respects, but if you've exhausted the charms of Diablo or Baldur's Gate, or are a fan of the original, this is worth a look. Just don't expect it to set your world on fire.

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