Rage of Mages

RPG 1998 Dos Monolith Isometric Strategic scope Real time Role playing Fantasy Strategy

Remarkable and well-elaborated

Rage of Mages is a 1998 RPG mixed with strategy elements that you will totally love! It is a remarkable game with an elaborated and engaging storyline, gameplay, system, with various secrets that await you to discover them. The action is set in a magical and somehow strange world, named Kania, where you go on a quest to find a fantastic weapon useful to annihilate the war. You will choose between the four types of players/characters: Fighter, Archer or Mage, each with their own skills, attacks approaches, and strength. Throughout the game, depending on your actions and efforts you will achieve points into these attributes: Body, Agility, Mind, and Spirit. The battles take place as the ones in WoW II, but with less units. The combats are more detailed, especially when the main characters are showing their contribution. You can buy weapons, spells, armors, and you can also upgrade your heroes with trainings and other RPG elements. Rage of Mages contains a multiplayer mode, that supports up to 16 players. It contains various maps, of numerous sizes, with a difficulty level that depends on the size of the map selected. A particular aspect that will hit you is the graphics area, that is fantastic, minutely, rich of wonderful content and textures. At that moment when I was astonished by them, I realized that all the RPG fans will play and adore this game!

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