Die by the Sword: Limb from Limb

Action 1998 Windows Interplay Medieval

The action is awesome

It is a classic action game from the series die by the sword. They have been constantly updating new features into the gameplay and have been synced well. The action in the game is from the third person perspective and involves the use of sword. The sword action is not a simple one as you can do various styles of slashing with it. The controls in the game are though a bit complex but they have been synced well with the gameplay. The plot in the game is that you will play a knight whose girlfriend has been abducted by some evil so you set of to rescue her and to kill the enemy. The key control system for action that has been designed in the game includes, jumping, running hard, stabbing, parrying and slashing. All these moves can be used in different combination and this makes the action really fun and trilling. The graphics in the game are very good for an action packed thriller and the variety of missions or the level designs are extensive. The user interface is also a pleasing one though it could have been better. However it is overall a great flick. If you are lover of sword action, then you can also try Die by the Sword.

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