Thief 2: Metal Age

Action 2000 Windows Looking Glass Technologies Medieval 3D action adventure Adventure Simulation Stealth

Another from the Thief series

This first-person stealth game, released by Eidos Interactive in 2000 is a sequel to Thief: The Dark Project the connection being that the character, Garrett, was introduced in the first game as an orphan that had been recruited by the Thief Guild. Like any of the games from the Thief Series you as a master thief have to deal with objectives that range from theft and sabotage to kidnapping, making your way through the game depending on the stealth indicator to get safe and using a blackjack to put endangering guards to rest which you can later pick them up on your shoulder and carry them to a safe zone to hide. Your weapons include melee such as swords, warhammer, blackjack, ranged weapons such as bows that use besides the usual arrows, special arrows such as water arrow (used to take out torches), gas arrows (noxious), moss arrow (that makes the floor to act noise reduced when stepping on it), noisemaker arrow (that diverts the enemies), rope arrows (that help you climb on high infrastructures), you even have extensive weapons such as flash bombs, explosive mines, flash mines, gas mines, explosive charges, basically this game has a wide variety of equipment necessary to carry out thievery missions that makes the gameplay awesome. You can even lock pick doors using different picks. The graphics are not as great as the gameplay is, being not so detailed and rather blocky. Overall, this game is great by the variety of ways you can approach an objective, being a kind of do-it-yourself game and you should really give it a try.

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