Rune Classic

Action 2000 Windows Nine Realms Medieval 3D action adventure Role playing Adventure Combat Fantasy

Take on the gods

This dual pack of the base game of Rune plus an add-on pack makes for a pretty solid combination if you're looking for some action/RPG shenanigans but it's not a must play by any means and there are better choices out there. The base game tells the story of how the struggle between the gods Odin and Loki is about to get serious, with an assault on the real world imminent. A human warrior gets enlisted into an ancient order whose role is to protect the runestones, artifacts which have the power to bind Loki and must venture forth to collect them, while also protecting a neighboring village from attack. What follows is an action/RPG where you roam around killing mostly supernatural creatures with a variety of close combat weapons, including axes, hammers, swords and maces. This pack also includes the Halls of Valhalla expansion, which is mostly focused on multiplayer, with new maps, weapons and characters but unless you have some chums to fire this up with, you're unlikely to spend much time on it. Rune takes a bit of getting into, with a fairly steep learning curve, but it's worth persevering as the result is a pretty decent fighting game. The emphasis here is on brutal fighting and the game certainly delivers on that front, with the combat being exciting and challenging. The environments and monsters are suitably epic for the most part, and are fun to explore and battle against, while the variety of weapons lends a little depth to proceedings. Rune isn't a classic but it does what it sets out to do, which is provide a fairly thrilling bit of combat action.

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