Dink Smallwood

RPG 1998 Windows Robinson Technologies Isometric Fantasy

I liked the isometric view

The game involves a lighter theme of fun and action and is very addictive though it is very simple. The plot in the game is next to none but the gameplay is a good one by all means. It is basically puzzle based action and gives you a huge variety of some very well incorporated physical puzzles. The game also allows you to collect a wide array of power ups. You will have to move the rocks in order to expand the spectrum of your hit points at every level. The most inviting feature that it gives is the editor through which user can built their own level designs so that the world of gameplay can be expanded with new scenarios and some very exciting puzzles. The game also features some very good expansion modules which have been made by fans. The other diverse feature in the game is that all the levels that are there along with the puzzles that they have are unique and are distinct from each other so that there is no repetition element. The graphics are more than satisfactory and the gameplay is evidently smooth. Try Ancient Evil as well because the game is very addictive.

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