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Hexplore: Baldur's Gate like but less immersive

Hexplore is the kind of classic D&D like RPG that will remind you of the good old era when Baldur's Gate was king. The game plays as you would expect, from a top town, isometric view, it's got a cool yet simple premise in terms of backstory and it features the character classes you would expect. You will be playing as MacBride and will add 3 other NPCs to your party, an archer, a warrior and a mage and later on, some other options will become available. The interesting thing about the setting is the timeline. You are going to be hunting a certain Garkham, a character you're going to learn more about as you progress. During your adventuring you will encounter new possible party members, ready to join your cause, but the maximum nr. of party members is set to 4. Nevertheless, you can chose to fire some of your old companions, if by then you haven't really connected with them. Another cool thing to know about the game is that it uses a voxel graphics engine for an entire range of 3-d like shapes and scenery. In the course of the game you will have to battle your way with a myriad of enemies but also solve mysterious puzzles that will require some lateral thinking of you. Overall, Hexplore is a game that will challenge you and offer an immersive old school role playing experience.

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