Breath of Fire IV

RPG 2000 Windows Capcom Isometric Fantasy Anime

JRPG that will satisfy genre fanatics only

This role playing game is one of the best in the genre out there. It's got an enticing story, it's got a great turn based fighting system and other amenities that keep it in the top. However, it's simply in its nature that it might prove to be repulsive to European and American role playing gamers. Its battles, while very intense and requiring a good grasp of your characters abilities, offensive and defensive, while tackling a very smart AI panoply of enemies can be too thick for some, too hard to grasp. If the game fails somehow, it's because it sets the difficulty bar high. You will feel that the battles are simply too hard, though not unfair, but certainly not for those that don't want to strategize and to consider each and every single option at each turn, make sure the equipment is optimum at each time and so on. The story continues the 3 episode saga before hand, and I'm sure hardcore fans of the games in the series will want to experience the twists and turns that this one has on offer. But, again, I must address this issue: this is a hard game, harder than most RPGs of its kind and harder than most other RPG series that are not Japanese developed, that I've played.

The fourth episode

Stunning visual graphic, Interesting plot story, satisfying gameplay and unique minigames make this series of BOF better than its predecessor. The story begin when a winged princess from Wyndia kingdom Nina and her guards Cray look for her missing sister Elina, when suddenly nina meet "Ryu" (you will take his role) who unknownly appeared in the middle of the desert. The gameplay of BOF 4 is like the standard classic RPG, your party will be made up of three primary characters (total of six), but the remaining fighters can be rotated into battle at will. You can combine the skills of two or three character to make a combo, which make the battle more interesting. And Ryu can transform into a dragon for stronger attack and magic power like the previous game. The minigames also a good point of this game, some of its are little bit challenging but the rest are just simple control pads that you can finish easily. Although the Breath of Fire series is not well received as Final Fantasy series, this game is definitely worth playing.

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