Disciples 2: Rise of the Elves

Strategy 2003 Windows Strategy First Action

Rise up, rise up

The Disciples series is a pretty nice set of fantasy-themed turn-based strategy games which play out a lot like the Heroes of Might and Magic franchise but with some subtle differences in tactics and gameplay. Rise of the Elves is an add-on pack for Disciples II but you can get the pair together in one pack so if you haven't got the base game, you can still get into this with ease. As the name suggests, this one focuses on the Elves and the background tells how they have lived in seclusion for centuries but now that an undead threat is rising, it's time for the Elves to stir themselves to protect their home. The core gameplay is essentially untouched here, so you'll be playing through a series of complex turn-based battles with RPG elements while following along with the story. The main focus is on the new campaign which likes its predecessor is an extremely well-told narrative that introduces the Elves, along with over thirty new units for you to try out on the battlefield. There are also plenty more magic spells as well as a few neutral units to round out the package. Rise of the Elves is another fine example of how to do a good expansion pack. The core gameplay is as compelling and tightly constructed as ever, with a truly challenging set of quests to complete and with all the various elements implemented near perfectly. The visuals are as excellent as ever and the new units and campaign are both well thought out and genuinely interesting. There's little to complain about here so for fantasy fans, this is a top notch game.

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