Kohan: Ahriman's Gift

Strategy 2001 Windows Strategy First Fantasy Real time

Well balanced strategy game in real time

The entire Kohan series has been extremely well produced and well balanced, for an early days RTS. In fact, in my own collection, Kohan as well as Broodwar have occupied central positions in terms of time I've spent with it. Broodwar because of the multiplayer aspect, and Kohan because of the great balance of strategy, with its economic and base growing portions as well as the tactical aspect that the game puts forth. And so, all things considered, you get an extremely enjoyable game, one that will see you entertained and involved for hours. It's delivered top down, with great graphics, nothing too fancy, but, nonetheless, a well done game. Also, as a mark of its well done production, it features great storytelling in the campaign mode, as well as great skirmish modes. It's also a game where you can go about using different strategies than your olde rush tactic, with as many units as possible! Nope, in this one you can choose to be smart as the AI is not a cheater, nor it is a stupid AI. In fact, on a medium difficulty level you can extend a skirmish for hours, as the game is thoroughly balanced, which is a great advantage of this title. So, definitely, play it!

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