Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey

Adventure 2008 Windows Disney Interactive

Some enchanted land

Although many Disney games, from Aladdin to the Lion King, offer superbly cinematic and inventive adventures for video game fans, unfortunately Enchanted Journey does not deserve to be mentioned in the same breath. Although it's obviously aimed at younger, female followers of the House of Mouse, it's still hard to recommend its unique blend of trite, outdated notions of heroism and the role of women in society. Although it promises to teach a valuable lesson to young girls, one can't but feel this is one lesson they can do without. You start out by creating a Disney-themed character who you will explore various worlds with. You'll travel to the lands made famous by Ariel, Jasmin, Snow White and Cinderella where you'll use your magic wand to defeat the evil bog creatures which are attempting to take over these various places. You can either play solo or team up with a friend to take on the ultimate evil of Zara, a former princess who is out to enslave everyone. Disney games are usually known for their high production values and often display some pretty innovative ideas. However, Enchanted Journey feels more like a cynical cash cow designed to squeeze money out of the gullible parents of kids desperate for anything with the Disney Princess label on. The gameplay here is tedious and almost non-existent, even when considering the target audience, and even the visuals are pretty ropy and a far cry from the best the studio can manage. It's difficult to find anything good to say about this, so the easiest thing to say is simple avoid this like the plague.

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