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A legendary game

Disney's Aladdin is a 1993 game based on the popular arabic story from the "One Thousand and One Nights" compilation. It is also based on the animated film, being developed by Virgin Interactive and published by Sega. You control Aladdin through various levels where you encounter various enemies like guards, animals, but the main villain he will have to confront is Jafar. The attacks will be performed by throwing apples, projectiles and by using the sword. Be cautious when it comes to wearing out the defending supplies, because they are limited, and you will risk to end up fully wounded. Throughout the game Aladdin collects gems that can be traded for lives. If you pick up Genie or Abu icons, you will unlock bonus levels. The characters are rendered in an astounding way, and that is why the creators faithfulness is truly laudable. They also included in the portrayals the defining personality traits and even the enemies are created in a humorous and detailed manner. The locations are those from the movie (the streets and rooftops of Agrabah, the Cave of Wonders, the Sultan's dungeon, Jafar's palace), but Aladdin will explore other different places like a pyramid and a candy-colored vertiginous world that can be found in the Genie's lamp. The graphics are excellent, the music suits perfectly with the game's spirit and the gameplay is smooth, absolutely fun and addicting. You will be very impressed, so play it today!

Disney's Aladdin

Aladdin is another platform game made after the Disney animation movie in 1993. Again, your goal is to jump up and down the platform in the magic environment taken from the movie. Sega and Virgin guys (by the way, some of them did participate also in the develoment of Earthworm Jim) made an excellent work porting the oriental atmosphere of Aladdin novel and the Genie to pc systems. Playing this game will make you face the evil Jafar who will be the enemy to defeat in this great adventure!

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