Lion King

Action 1994 Dos Dosbox Disney Cartoon Platformer Adventure Action adventure Arcade

Challenging and fun Disney platformer

The Disney movie on which this game is based really shouldn't need any introduction and it remains one of the finest animated films of recent years. Fortunately, the game lives up to the movie's high standards and stands as a great, if challenging and rather traditional, platformer. In terms of gameplay, the Lion King takes a fairly standard approach to licensed games in that it translates the movie's story into a side scrolling platform game. Players control Simba and take him through several levels inspired by the environments from the movie and which require them to avoid, jump on or roar at the various enemies that populate the level. The roar meter is one of the more original additions to the game and when it is fully charged up it allows Simba to scare his opponents into submission. Later levels also see players controlling a grown up version of Simba which adds in the ability to slash at enemies or grab them and toss them off the screen and which mixes things up a bit. Although it is nothing particularly innovative, the Lion King really is a great platformer. Notably, the graphics really are beautiful, with all the gorgeous colours and effects you would expect and with silky smooth animation on all the personality-filled sprites. Gameplay wise too, the Lion King stands comfortably alongside classics of the genre, like Rayman and Sonic 3 but don't be fooled by its cartoony appearance as it is highly challenging, even for old hands at this kind of game. Disney's Hercules and the Jungle Book are also worth a look if you are into animated platforming fun.

The beautiful world of Simba

Lion King is based on the animated movie of Disney which many of your must have surely seen. The game is equally good because the graphics and the game play are simply adorable. It is Simba's long journey from being a little cute cub to the time when he will face the battle forced onto him by his ferocious uncle. Well it's a platform game with a side scroll where Simba will climb, run, jump and descend from one platform to the other. It features a health bar and a roar bar. The roar bar should be completed for making the roar of simba effective. The health bar is kept healthy with bugs that come in many different colorful sizes and shapes. The best thing about the game is that the animations, the background and the other graphical attributes have been designed by the animators of Disney productions. This means that the graphics are something which you cannot question. The music in the game has been derived from the orchestrations and the songs which are there in the movie. So it's a great adventure game and I have loved it since my childhood. Disney also showed its metal in their 1997 game Hercules which features the same exciting graphics and game play.

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