Dizzy: Fantastic Adventure of Dizzy

Arcade 1993 Dos Dosbox Codemasters Platformer Hop and bop

Amazing adventure and puzzle game

It's an arcade style, fun and challenging plat former game which has many distinct traits which make it stand out from the rest. Starting with the plot, you play as Dizzy who is the price of egg yolk like people. Dizzy moves around in a strange and leafy forest, an underground water action, a mine and a town collecting a variety of different items which he uses in different ways to solve different interesting and challenging puzzles. They gameplay has been kept simple with simple puzzles at the beginning to make you gel with the game and then they go on to make them tough to make the game more challenging. The graphics of this game are very unique with their fantasy and colorful cartoonish colors, backdrops and images which really attract one's eye. You get extra lives, power ups and many other options along every puzzle and every new puzzle opens different backdrops that bind your interest. The puzzles are quite twisted but once you are on to them you can resolve them with some good diligence. The music is also fine and does not feel annoying for the senses. One of the other exciting games in this genre is the Operation Wolf which you need to try with this one.

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