Operation Wolf

Arcade 1988 Dos Dosbox Taito Shooter Military

On rails arcade shooter, the 2D kind , very playable

Operation Wolf is a marvel of an arcade game; for what can be done with shooting in 2D, sidescroller style, and add to that on rail gameplay, where all you actually do is point your cursor and shoot, I feel that Operation Wolf is both a classic, and a top game, almost undefeated at what it does, at its specific recipe. Surely, later on rail shooters took to emulating 3D shooters, or 3D action games; Games such as The House of the Dead were as well in a little class of their own, though, I feel that Operation Wolf could easily take it down, at least in terms of variation, versatility, amount of scenarios that could be created and the sheer hook value. The gameplay, as I said is so simple. Your screen scrolls, generally from left to right (or right to left, depending on how you look at it, what your point of reference is!) and you control a reticule on screen. There are soldiers shooting at you, helicopters, there are missiles heading your way, the works! Basically you're Rambo and everyone wants your ass, but you're a tough badass, and you'll eventually get them all. So, your moment to moment thinking is: whom do I shoot first? Whom do I target, and then what is my next target and so on. So, you're always on the edge, which is why this game is so pulling, so in your face. Play it, it's a great on railer still!

A satisfying arcade port

Operation Wolf is a DOS port of the arcade classic of the same name. Developed by and ported over by Taito, this game is one of the greatest arcade ports. Unlike other ports, Operation Wolf has not dropped any of its features from the arcade. For those of you who haven't played any of the versions, here a quick overview: there are six levels full of enemy units and it's your job to clear out the areas before you die. There are some civilians thrown in the game, so do be careful not to shoot them. Once you completed all six levels, the game starts over again and end when you lost all of your lifes. What makes the game even more challenging is that you don't have unlimited ammo. Once you used your last bullet, you can be considered dead because there is no other way to replenish your ammo. The game isn't easy for the screen is literally filled with enemy units and it's almost impossible to complete one stage without taking any hits.

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