Tony and Friends in Kellogg Land

Arcade 1994 Dos Dosbox Kellogg Company Platformer Hop and bop

An imaginative and classic time killer

If you are not too pretentious concerning the platformer arcade genre, then Tony and Friends in Kellogg Land will fit your tastes. It resembles very much another classic platformer, being very fun and well-designed. You play as Tony the Tiger, that has to take back the resources that were stolen by King Kroko and his crocodile gang from the peaceful Kellogg's Land. Your tasks involve actions like jumping through the levels, defending from various enemies and getting rid of them (the fights include stomping on them), solving puzzles, collecting coins and other bonus items. Your special capacity implies transforming other characters from the Kellog's franchise, for example Smack, that has other abilities. The three worlds that present the wonderful world populated by the cartoon characters from the covers of Kellogg's cereal boxes are: Corn Country, Rain Forest and Frosty Mountains. Each world has six levels. If you have forgotten about your favourite cereal characters, now it's time to bring back the memories, by playing this game with colorful, vivid, graphics, great sound effects, upbeat music and an easy and smooth gameplay: shortly, an imaginative and classic time killer!

A nice but simple Mario clone

Tony and Friends in Kellog lands is a decent Mario clone with very similar gameplay and the characters that are very famous for being in the back of the packages of the Kellog's cereal boxes. As I said, the gameplay is similar to that of Mario with a lot of jumping, collecting coins and stomping on enemies to destroy them. The music is very perky and upbeat and the sound effects are very cool. The graphics are nice and bright, with very nice colors, blue and green dominating the scenes. The animation is very smooth and very nice and the level design is imaginative, but not as detailed and beautiful as in, say, Rayman. The game is aimed at small children and deservedly so, because the game is pretty simple and straightforward, very linar, and there is not a lot thinking involved. So, show this game to your kid, or sit down and play the game yourself, although I presume that you will bored after a few hours because of the repetitive nature of the gameplay. Very nice.

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