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A Russian card game simulation; effective at learning the game

Durak is a Russian card game that is played between 4 players. The game name translates to Fool, and to that end, within the game, you have to fool your opponents into giving you the higher level cards. The point cards as well as the other ones (the game is played with no less than 4 decks of cards) are all played, and the one ending up with the more points is the winner. It's a very combat and ruse heavy game, and it's surely well implemented. You can play against the PC AI, or you can play with other players in local network setups. Also, Durak doesn't really look like much. It's a simple, cheapo DOS game, that carries itself as such; thus, you will get quite a sturdy/application feel from it, but giving that it works fine and has no issues, as well as being very direct, also great from other points of view – as it has a good tutorial, it's one of the few Fool games out there. So if you want to learn it, go ahead. And if you feel like playing some other card games, download Card Puzzles, a collection of cool puzzle games that are played with and around card suites.

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