Magic: the Gathering - Battlemage

Strategy 1996 Windows Acclaim Entertainment Myth and legend Cards

RTS game based on the Magic franchise

Magic: The Gathering Battlemage is not a virtualization of the card game, instead it is a game that attempts to create its own appeal and gameplay by taking some elements from the acclaimed card game series and formulating a real time strategy game with them You will play in the celebrated land of Corondor, and forced by the planewalker, Ravidel you will be thrust in a series of battles with other mages. The game plays as an usual RTS, but unfortunately the AI does not really follow the same rules as the player. This makes it so that the game is very unfairly calibrated and you will rarely feel like you have a chance, especially on later difficulty settings. This alone could have broken the game, but, unfortunately this isn't the only problem the game has. No, along with this huge letdown, the game also features subpar graphics, that feel almost as stock graphical elements that were never customized. This and the generally unfriendly interface will take a great toll on your enjoyment. So, if you really love Magic tinged games rather go for such classics as Magic: The Gathering: Armageddon or the later released Magic: The Gathering – Battlegrounds which are far more well designed and much better built.

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