Aces High

Strategy 1995 Windows Cards

Yet another good Solitaire game

Aces High is a proper Solitaire build, with all the proper production and all the necessary amenities. What it lacks is some original idea, but then again, as long as it just works that is by no means an obligatory feature. So, you will know the drill; you have to organize the mixed cards in such a way so as to put them in order, color wise and numerically ascending. You have 4 rows and a master deck. You draw one or three cards at any time. Plus, Aces High allows you to choose to be Vegas style scored, or you can just go practice rounds, without the need to have yourself be scored. The3 game ends when all the cards are stacked properly; the sooner and faster you get that done, with as fewer reshufflings of the master deck, the more points you get. It's a fun game, relaxing for some, math heavy for others, and well done, graphically alright. It's delivered in 2D, with a good enough set of graphics, a few sets of different cards and a green background. So, overall, Aces High is worth having in your collection, though, frankly if you have any of the Windows included Solitaire games, this one brings nothing new to the table...

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