Earth 2150 Trilogy

Strategy 2005 Windows TopWare Interactive Empire management Real time Space combat Real time strategy Sci fi

Save the world

Developed bu Reality Pump Studios and developed by TopWare Interactive, Earth 2150 Trilogy is a superb game with a lots of interesting features. The outstanding 3D game interface with some cool sound effect will make you entertained. The resources are limited so you have to build your own weapons and other technologies. Even you can build your own vehicles with some researches. With some good tactics and building weapons you can counter your enemies in this game. It has the base Earth 2150 with 2 more extensions - the moon project and lost souls. In the moon project the world is getting to the end and the lost souls is the end of the world. You will find some more extensions in "Earth 2160", the next version of this game. This game will give you a lot of hours of entertainments and you will love it. The storyline is very good in this game so you will love playing this game alone or with your friends. Save the world and counter the enemies.

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