Empire Earth II

Strategy 2005 Windows ak tronic Software & Services Empire management Real time Alternate History

A great RTS with the latest technology

Empire Earth II is a 2005 real-time strategy game that comes with new features, ready to enchant the fans and even the inexperienced of this genre. The original game dazzled me with its pure innovation that takes the players from prehistoric periods like the Stone Age, to a possible future. The innovation stays in the fact that unlike other RTS games, Empire Earth doesn't focus on a particular era. Let's talk about the new features that bring a certain individuality to this game: there are new units, powers and conquerers added, stronger enemies, an improved AI, more realistic and detailed environments and graphics, a better management system that allows you to monitor the action from different places simultaneously. The weather conditions and many more elements will influence your evolution and adopted tactics. The introduction movie is very well done and convinces us about the high quality and interesting gameplay. There are 3 campaigns, each with 8 missions. You can create alliances, propose attack strategies, launch wars, gather resources and when you discover enough modern resources, you can proceed to the next era. The latest technology will offer all the real-time strategy game enthusiasts an unforgettable and amazing experience!

EE2, the best of the 3

Empire Earth 2 game builds on the success of the first and improves it by a mile. It's definitely the best of the 3 games of the series, perfect for those who like the human evolution theme, a bit more simpler than Civilization, but with all the elements present. Lead your civilization from the pre-historic age all the way to the future, researching, expanding, and defending yourself from your enemies while trying to be always one step ahead on the path of evolution and technological achievements.

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