Earth 2160

Strategy 2005 Windows TopWare Interactive Galactic War Real time Alternate History Real time strategy Sci fi

Well tailored story and graphics

Earth 2160 is a 2005 real-time strategy videogame, that follows the second game of the series. It is a game that was long waited by those that liked the previous games. The tailored story and graphics will definitely impress you, and those are the main reasons why I highly recommend Earth 2160. Now the action takes place on Mars, where there are located a few thousand humans that survived the war. This war implied the destruction of the Earth. Obviously, another war is going to start, and three fractions will fight in it: "Eurasian Dynasty", "United Civilised States" and "Lunar Corporation". The fourth race is represented by the aliens, that will try to establish a new base in the Solar System. The gameplay is similar to the previous one, more exactly, you will collect resources, extend your area and fight with enemies. A change related to the location management is the possibility to create larger buildings, using smaller units, and this is called the concept of modular construction. The population and electricity can be maintained and developed by assembling halls, warehouses or technology bays. There are four single player campaigns available, and four multiplayer modes. The multiplayer also contains a skirmish mode. The graphics and visual effects are superior, simply stunning, with great details that inspired the future videogame developers.

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