Escape From Paradise City

Adventure 2007 Windows Focus Home Interactive Puzzle based Other rpg strategy Action

A constant fight for power

Escape From Paradise City, released in 2007 is developed by Sirius Games and published by Focus Home Interactive. Its developer competes successfully with creative and innovative ideas. This game is a RPG strategy game, in which you have to play three characters with different skills. The action takes place in Paradise City, a dangerous place where you have to deal with gangsters and other enemies. According to the frequency of the confrontations you have to face, your characters will gain experience and respect in the hood. With the achieved strengths, it will be easier for you to protect your territory. The graphics are average, and contain details that describe a severe atmosphere in a city where crimes become a daily routine. Also, the animations of your characters bring to this game a streak of realism. This game is based on a constant fight for power and ability to rule and defend your district. You can also expand your conquered areas and affairs, challenge your friends into battles, receive assistance from accomplices and you have the opportunity to play in multiplayer mode for more adrenaline. Another feature incorporated is the weather system, whereby your activity is developed in the rain or snow. I compare this game with the popular Grand Theft Auto series , and I reffer to the first ones. So, let the fights begin!

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