Silverfall: Earth Awakening

Adventure 2008 Windows Focus Home Interactive 3D action adventure Thriller Role playing Action Action rpg Rpg

Second in the row

Earth Awakening is an improvement of Silverfall, mainly because it allows you to skip the opening level and start at level 45. So instead of starting with some useless armor and weapon, you start with a powered armor, neon laser-hammers and some nice skills. So you start like a god and keep improve from that point on. If you played before Silverfall and you have a level 45 character, you can continue with him. Or you can create a new one and start it over. The Earth Awakening comes with two new races: squat dwarves and sinewy lizardmen. Both of them are cool designed. Unfortunately, the game keeps some not-good things from previous version: a very confusing plot, repetitious combat and the occasional performance bombs. But still, this game offer us a world with gilded thrones, big boys combat with hack and slash, being like a god. The visual design is absolutely enthralling, but unfortunately the scenery and the combat has some lacks. An engaging soundtrack with a plethora of strange sound effects, gamers will easily be drawn into this creative and exciting universe.

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