GTA 2: Grand Theft Auto 2

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The second GTA was still top down and just as violent!

GTA the original created a recipe that in the meantime has proven to be one of the most enticing ever: you are free to roam in a violent city, trying to make ends meet and trying your best to conduct your life in such a manner as to face another day. And all of this mostly while behind the driving wheel, creating as much mayhem in the city as the local police would allow. GTA 2 would not jinx this premise but instead of a London setting this time the game takes you to America. The game still doesn't change the perspective to a first person or third person one, instead you see the game world from above, while the game is pseudo 3D (2.5D). The City, the place where the game takes place is split into a number of districts and each one is run by its very own gangs. While the beginning of the game won't put you under a lot of pressure, the more you progress, the more complicated the missions will become. In all aspects, the free roaming, trouble making, police escaping antics of game to come are to be found in this second game, so if you are attracted to that kind of gameplay outset, this is what the GTA of the late 90s had to offer. Coupled with simple and intuitive controls and a better more sharp view of the city than the original, GTA 2 can make your day today just as well as the later titles.

Tiny Game, Grand Fun

Grand Theft Auto 2 is a nice game to just kill time. It's a bit more impressive than GTA 1, but they're both equally good at time killing. I spent many hours just seeing how many wanted stars I can accumulate. There is a story, but not an engaging one. The potential for carnage is too much of a distraction for me. One of the concepts introduced in GTA 2 is the idea of turf and respect. There are three major gangs in the city. Completing missions, or killing rival members, for one gang, increases the respect they have for you. Respect unlocks more missions, while negative respect means they will shoot you on sight in their territory. This creates a meta-game for me, to see just how hated I can be with gang factions. The controls are simple and intuitive enough that I never had any problems. This would be a great and simple game for mobile phones. It's not as graphically demanding as Grand Theft Auto 3 so nearly any computer nowadays could run it. There are also cheat codes in the game to instantly unlock all weapons, invincibility, become instantly wanted, or spawn certain vehicles like a tank. Look those up if the game becomes too difficult, or if you just want to go wild.

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