Executive Suite

Simulation 1982 Dos Dosbox Armonk Corporation Life simulation Business

The rise and fall of a corporate worker

Life is cruel, and being nice gets you nowhere. That's basically what this game is trying to tell you in its own, unique way. And there is no better place to prove that thesis than in the business department. This game is about that. The main objective of this game is to climb the corporate ladder and become CEO of the company you work for. Many times you will be presented with various situations and you have to think carefully about your decisions, because they will take you either to your doom or rise. Your morals will definitely be questioned to the limits, and soon you will find out that being nice really doesn't pay off. The business world is a sea of sharks, and you are a lone swimmer. You have to tough through it for a while and after that your work will be evaluated and you will either remain at your position and lose, or advance and continue to be CEO. The game is pretty original, and an interesting and trustworthy life adviser. There is nothing special to be said for the game's visuals and audio, since the game is very old and both are really vintage and simple. Still, this game is a pretty reliable and nice way for you too see how you would handle yourself in the real life business world. For similar games, try Business Simulator.

Climb corporate ladder

This is the best strategy game in an office environment. This is a old game that I have played in the early years of PC - 80s. This games provides you opportunity to climb corporate ladder by answering various questions and your goal is to reach on the top. I wish there are other games like this.

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