Computer Diplomacy

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Take over the world country by country

Although a 1999 remake of this classic board game conversion is more popular, it still doesn't quite cut it as much as this old school version does. A typical example of a world conquer strategy game, Computer Diplomacy is played with two to seven computer or AI players in a wargame set in the early 20th century, when you and your opponents each control a major European force, the objective of the game being taking over your enemies by taking control of their most important strategic points and supply centers, meaning the centers that are most useful for creating more units and making you more powerful. Even though the AI is poorly programmed and doesn't have learning abilities and even though the graphics of the game are far less than perfect while the multiplayer may be a bit messed up and difficult to handle, the game is still a great conversion of the boardgame and is a considered a classic that deserves a high place in any wargame veteran's collection.

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