Business Simulator

Simulation 1987 Dos Reality Technologies Trade or management Business

A well designed business simulator

There are very few classic business simulation that live up to this game because it gives a prolific or optimal combination of interest and variety. The plot of the game is very obvious where you have to build your business empire by increasing the book value of your business and your personal net worth. Make more money than your competitors is your ultimate goal but you have to achieve this goal by proper business tactic and decision making. As the game kick offs, you will find different stages and levels which depict the different phases through which your company is going through. What I loved in this game is the amount of realistic features which makes this game a very good training pursuit. You will be getting descriptive memos, reports and other indicators which you will consider for making a business decisions. The gameplay has been incorporated to perfection as all the indicators and the descriptions are perfectly designed and well written. The complexities and the amount of business options will increase as you advance on in levels. You can use your rationality in this game as it works out really well but the A1 is really tough and gives you a good brain storming. The game is like What They Don't Teach You At Harvard Business School but has an element of distinctness to it.

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