Exile: Escape from the Pit

RPG 1995 Windows Spiderweb Software Isometric Action based

Text based RPG, huge, with lots of characters to interact

Exile: Escape from the Pit is a turn based role play game, which takes place in this enormous cavern system known as the Exile. Those that the system of government above finds to not be fit for the society above, are tossed in this underground maze, which is like a world for second class citizens. And so, with that in mind, you will find your way in this place, which can be ruthless and unforgiving. Hover, by interacting with the right NPCs and by constantly building your character and your party, you can manage to become powerful enough to resist this place and, even, to get out of it. Later on the game becomes so extensive and you so much more powerful that you will be able to tackle armies with your small party, and succeed in battle. Very nicely done, especially the battles, and the turn based system that governs them, the game can be a bit tricky to control, mainly because the majority of the controls are delivered through text based inputs. But, after you get used to that, you'll find this to be a very large, immersive game, especially of you've tried other Win3.1 RPGs before. A similar game is also Revenant, though this one released a little later, and much easier to control, as well as with top down isometric graphics.

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