RPG 2003 Windows Akella Isometric Action based Science Fiction

In space, no one can hear you snore

Although the idea of playing Diablo II but in a science fiction setting sounds incredibly appealing, Harbinger unfortunately proves to be a let down. It's pretty much an exact copy in terms of features and gameplay, it's just that someone forgot to add in any charm or originality, while the story is also pretty uninteresting. The game is set aboard the titular Harbinger, a giant spaceship that is used as a slaveship by the Overlord. Over the years, the slaves have split up into gangs, while rumors have started to spread that the Overlord is losing his power. As one of these slaves, you now take this opportunity to mount a breakout. Moving on to the gameplay, this is very much the same type of thing as Diablo or The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing. You start out by selecting a character, then head in to the main game, where you pick up random quests, explore a bit and whack some bad guys, but which basically involves spamming the mouse button until they go away. You've probably seen everything else the game has to offer if you've played any similar game, but even though that could result in an entertaining experience, here you'll just be bored. The game's premise is interesting, but gets wasted pretty quickly with the random missions and lack of development, while you'll soon realize that combat is tedious and completely lacking in strategy or thrills. The visuals too are dated and overly grim, lacking in detail or personality, so really, apart from the intriguing setup, this is very much a waste of time.

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