The Broken Land

RPG 2000 Windows Isometric Fantasy Action based

poor poor game

It is an average RPG action game with a fiction theme and ordinary gameplay. The plot with the game is that you have to save the Heaven, yes the Heaven! As it has been split into 5 sections because of the fight between the Gods and the forces of the darkness or evil. You have to make sure that you combine all the 5 parts to complete the game. The game is very short and is not interesting due to many reasons. The first thing is that you have a limited upgrade available for the characters and the weapons in the game and the killing of the enemies by pressing them down gets quite boring as you progress in the game. The level designs in the game are quite repetitive and they have been not been supported by the some good graphics. The graphics are actually bad with bad movement due to the lack of frames to support them. The music in the game is also off theme and the user interface is pretty ordinary. The controls are also poor and the variety lacks in all aspects. So you should go for a far better game like Revenant.

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