Front Page Sports: Baseball '94

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Managerial and statistical game of baseball

The people that love messing with statistics and getting to devise that perfect team out of imperfect players will definitely get the most out of this simulation. This one is all about baseball seen through the eyes of the manager but your role is all encompassing in this one. You buy and sell, you train, you devise game strategies, you play with the press and so on. Ultimately, you get a game that is really worth looking into, a game that is surely going to be appreciated by a lot of people. At any rate, Front Page Sports: Baseball '94 is not a very polished game either; granted, all the information is visible and relatively easy to interact with, but a lot could have been produced a bit better. But, I guess, the developers of this brand of simulation were not as lucky as the ones working in the soccer sim field, and so, this type of game evolved slower. At any rate, if you like slider heavy gameplay, give this one a go. It will not let you down. And also, play the following year title, which improved the recipe quite substantially.

Create your own league

FPS Baseball is the first baseball game to allow players to create their own leagues and actually one of the first baseball games to let you play through multiple seasons. It is well worth the download for baseball fanatics. The game spawned the 1996 and 1998 versions of the series where it only got better. Unfortunately, the graphics didn't get better with age, but, the options within the game did.

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