Diamond Dreams Baseball

Sport 1995 Windows Diamond Dreams Baseball

Another cartoonish arcadey baseball game

I love a serious baseball sim just like the other Redsox (:P) fans out there, but sometimes a more chill approach can be just as fun to sink into. And with Diamond Dreams Baseball this is exactly what you get. The game is making use of cartoonish players, that look like the characters from Xbox live. It sometime may be exactly what you are looking after, other times it can be less than that, it depends on what it is you are trying to achieve. At any rate, with this game you get so much options, even if the game looks so simple. The tactical bits are all, there, though you can approach the game as any other well done baseball arcader. But, frankly it is not that game to rile and to always keep you guessing of what might come next. Nope, it's more on the easy and unassuming page, which can be all that is needed at times. Give it a try if you, say, had enough of Hardball 5 type games, which are more serious graphically, and just want a more chill experience. This can be that chill baseball experience to play during breaks, pauses, or even for longer periods of time, depending on how you want to experience them.

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