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Sport 1992 Dos Dynamix Football

Best football simulation

It is a football simulation which for me and many is the best in this category. Despite its release way back in the 90's, the features it gave were top notch and still continue to excite gamers that love oldie goodies. The first and the most prominent feature in the game is its brilliant graphics and animations which were never seen before in a sports simulation game of those times. The animations give a realistic feel and the creativity of the graphics or the designs is simply amazing. The game gives you a prolific career mode where you can train and mange a team and make it go thorough from one season to another. The strategic dynamics of the gameplay are very good as the A1 is simply fantastic. The computer adjusts its strategy with reference to the style of the gameplay that you adopt in the game. The camera angles was another feather to the cap because you have the option to take the camera anywhere you want in the stadium and even have the option to set the view from the sky or the top. The controls are also good and the statistical details are huge. So it's a must have one and is part of a great series which saw many installments after this first one.

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