Future Cop LAPD

Arcade 1998 Windows Electronic Arts Shooter Isometric Action based

Robocop style game

Future Cop LAPD will set you into the skin (or the metal) of a sort of Robocop in a futuristic Los Angeles. Well, I should have better said a dystopian LA, since your mission will be to defeat the evil that is rising from every corner of the city. It's a nice 3D action game in 3rd perspective. You will control this bot that can turn into a vehicle as well and use different kind of weapons against the crime. It's a game full of action, you won't get bored. It will definitely test your reflexes. You will be driven from a radio control that will assist you during each mission. Make sure not to finish all the ammo you have: you will notice it's quite easy to run out of ammo, as there are countless enemies in each stage. The game present a nice graphics and some cinematic video during the different missions. Overall a good action from late 90s that you should not miss.

A well-done game with various interesting ideas

Future Cop LAPD is a 1998 action game with a futuristic and apocalyptic setting where you have to take out all the crime suspects. You will serve, protect and survive in Los Angeles, where the villains misbehave without having fear of anything. There are two modes of playing: "Crime War" and "Precinct Assault". In the first one you will control a vehicle named X-1 Alpha, searching for the bad guys through the city, in order to kill them in an arcade style gameplay. This is also the story mode. In the second mode you will engage in a more competitive fight. It will be a very exciting adventure when driving X-1 Alpha, because of its high performance and distinctive ability. It can turn into two different cars named Walker (it's huge and very agile) and Hovercar (very fast, steerable, and useful to pass over obstacles). There is a lot of action, and when you successfully finish the missions, your great efforts will be rewarded, and one of them is the playing of some lovely movies. Annihilating some certain enemies will also reward you with points that can be used for buying more advanced vehicles. The graphics are attractive, but nothing special, however the effects are great and sometimes quite fun to watch. Play this well-done game and prove you are a true cop!

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