Shadow Company: Left for Dead

Action 1999 Windows UBI Soft Shooter Isometric

An intense and decent RPG

Shadow Company: Left for Dead is a 1999 role-playing strategy game where you command an elite mercenary squad. You will fight for your revenge through various missions that will allow you to use a full arsenal of weapons and drive many vehicles. These player's abilities differentiate this game from others of his genre. Shadow Company: Left for Dead is best compared to a tactical RPG that defined a genre back in the old days. Each mission will be preceded by a briefing, with your assignments given by Leo Heller. Also, a map will be available for you to study it, even during the missions, and the team must be chosen carefully. For a great approach to reality, each member has a different AI, where their mistakes are included, beside their skills. Any war will cost you lots of money, a thing you will be interested in throughout the game, because the way you can handle the battles depends on your amount of cash. With money you can hire mercenaries, buy various weapons and ammos, even from your enemies. The graphics are nice, the sounds recreate the atmosphere in a decent way, and I will give it a 4 out of 5 stars. One thing is sure: there is now way you can stop Shadow Company: Left for Dead, only after a few hours of intense gameplay.

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